Creating a top-level cross-border network in R&D related to the characterization of subsoil by means of geophysical imaging. The technological application focuses on the field of geothermal energy, thus helping to promote this source of clean energy in the region. This project will generate useful imaging prototypes for industrial applications, ready to be used in supercomputers.





  • Generating a cross-border R&D exchange network in the field of geophysical imaging for the characterization of the subsoil, allowing the region to establish itself as a world leader in this field.                
  • Promoting our developments to other communities that use waves to study complex or hidden media.                
  • Generating free high-performance computing (HPC) software prototypes for industrial problems in the field of geophysical imaging, with a particular focus on geothermal energy. Such software will be validated by companies in the sector (some of which are associate partners of PIXIL) and will be the seed of future competitive products.                                                       
  • Promoting the development and cost reduction of geothermal energy in the region, as well as gathering promoters of these technologies and potential public and private clients in dissemination events. Both sides of the border will be targeted in order to expand the use of such technology and showcase successful use cases in the region.