PIXIL participates in a communication campaign within the framework of XRE4S

The PIXIL project participated this year in a communication campaign launched by XRE4S (Energy for Society Research, Development and innovation Network), a network that gathers 35 groups from 14 universities, research and technological centers, involving more than 500 researchers. It aims to transform research knowledge into solutions to improve the quality of life of the society.

The campaign was based on two video packages: the first was focused on interviews with all the energy experts who are members of the XRE4S network, and the second with videos explaining the technical work carried out by the different institutions and the innovative solutions developed in their departments.

Josep de la Puente, Geoscience Applications Group Manager in the CASE Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and coordinator of the PIXIL project, was the one interviewed in the first video, in which he explains how his department is promoting initiatives to promote geothermal energy.



On the other hand, the second video entitled "Subsurface exploration tools for geothermal purposes" focuses on a technology developed by the CASE Department of the BSC based on software to explore and monitor the subsurface. This technology was the result of the research within the framework of PIXIL, among other projects.




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