PIXIL holds its last workshop highlighting the role of geothermal energy in Spain and France

The PIXIL workshop "Present and future of Geothermal Energy in Spain and France" took place on 20-21 January 2022 and was organised in the framework of the project by Inria, Pôle Avenia, Real Time Seismic, el Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Geoplat. Julien Diaz from Inria presented the workshop and around 100 people participated.

The first day of the event aimed to present the results obtained by the PIXIL project, and in particular in the area dedicated to the design of imaging algorithms for geothermal energy. Josep de la Puente from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and coordinator of PIXIL introduced the project and its objectives. Then, Jean-Claude Puech from RealTimeSeismic, Jean-Claude Puech from RealTimeSeismic, Chengyi Shen from Inria, David Pardo from BCAM y Octavio Castillo from BSC, presented the lines of work they have been developing throughout the project in their respective areas.

On the other hand, the second day offered an overview of the geothermal sector in France and Spain thanks to the presentations of Jean Jacques Graff from AFPG and Javier Urchueguía from Geoplat & RHC-ETIP. Jerôme Chablais from Hydro-Géo Environnement also took part in the event, introducing the medium-depth geothermal projects being carried out in western Switzerland. Bruno Tourlière from Pôle Avenia then presented HexaCBA: an innovative prospecting tool; and Romain Millot from BRGM introduced the Saumures Club, a network that brings together industrial partners with the aim of generating new collaborations and financing innovative actions collectively. Then, under the title "PYCASSO: Genesis of a large cross-border industrial project", Marc Blaizot from Pôle Avenia explained the project and the results obtained so far. Finally, Jean-Louis Valls from the Working Community of the Pyrenees closed the day by presenting the CTP and examples of cross-border cooperation in the Pyrenees.

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Image 1. Picture of the PIXIL workshop


The video of the workshop with its original audio is featured below:


Additionally, you can also download the speakers’ presentations:

Josep de la Puente (BSC) - Introduction

Jean-Claude Puech (RTS) - What contribution an SME like Realtimeseismiccan brings to an R&D project like PIXIL?

Chengyi Shen (INRIA) - Full Waveform Inversion for shallow subsurface

David Pardo (BCAM) - Deep Learning Inversion of Geophysical Measurements

Octavio Castillo (BSC) - Potential of electromagnetic and HPC methods for geothermal energy

Jean Jacques Graff (AFPG) - Geothermal energy in France

Javier Urchueguía (Geoplat & RHC-ETIP) - Geothermal energy in Spain

Jerôme Chablais (Hydro-Géo Environnement) - Overview of ongoing medium-depth geothermal projects in western Switzerland

Bruno Tourlière (Pôle Avenia) - HexaCBA: An innovative targeting tool. A test in Pyrenees for geothermal resources (medium/high temperature) and lithium as by-product

Romain Millot (BRGM) - Presentation of Club Saumures

Marc Blaizot (Pôle Avenia) - PYCASSO: genesis of a large industrial transborder project 

Jean-Louis Valls (Comunidad de Trabajo de los Pirineos) - CTP and transborder cooperation in the Pyrenees